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Educating The Next Generation Of Civic Leaders

A Resolute Commitment to Education

Spanning from introductory courses to advanced levels, we provide a gateway for students to explore a diverse spectrum of civic-centric subjects. Within our institution, they not only acquire theoretical knowledge but also cultivate real-world business acumen and political expertise. Immersed in the rich tapestry of political history and governance at regional and state levels, our students emerge as informed and empowered individuals.

Embracing the spirit of growth and development, The Center For Politics extends an invitation to passionate minds through our Student Internship Program. If you aspire to delve deeper into the realm of politics and governance, seize the opportunity by applying for an internship.

Discover our array of course offerings:

LPPS 3280 

PLAP 3280: Lessons in Leadership: JFK and the Most Personal Office is currently open to first year students and course registration is through the UVA Student Information System (SIS).

From topics as wide-ranging as tax policy and space exploration to the war in Vietnam, dismantling of the Berlin Wall and the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, this course will trace the impact of Kennedy’s brief presidency over nearly sixty years and focus on how Kennedy’s life, presidency, and tragic assassination have influenced leadership styles and public policy worldwide. Class features nationally known guest speakers.

PLAP 3370

PLAP 3370: Workshop in American Politics: Center Internship is open to first year students and course registration is done so by completing the below application.

This course offers students the opportunity to gain practical business and political experience. Students completing internships during the fall or spring semester receive course credit IF enrolled in PLAP 3370. PLAP 3370 will be offered in the spring/ fall semesters and requires instructor permission for enrollment.  All intern applicants (regardless of term) are required to submit the following application.  

Completing this application DOES NOT constitute automatic enrollment in PLAP 3370. You will be informed of your enrollment status in PLAP 3370 after submitting the application. Applications for internships at the Center for Politics are accepted on a rolling basis.

Download PLAP 3370 application here

PLAP 3420

PLAP 3420: Virginia Government and Politics: J-Term is open to first-year students and course registration is through UVA’s Student Information System.

This course is an intense immersion into the political history and practices of Virginia government and politics at the state and local levels. In addition to discussing the institutions of government, the class explores modern Virginia politics and the political leaders who have helped shape contemporary politics in the Commonwealth.  Students study political history of the state as well as recent gubernatorial and legislative elections, comparing those elections to past statewide elections evaluating trends and changing demographics of the Commonwealth. Features travel to Williamsburg, Jamestown, Poplar Forest, Farmville, and Richmond.

PLAP 4360

PLAP 4360: Campaigns and Elections is an advanced-level undergraduate class available only via instructor permission and course registration through the UVA Student Information System (SIS). 

The course offers students an opportunity to study campaigns and elections from the perspective(s) of a candidate for public office and his/her staff. The objectives of the class are to provide students with a better understanding of the evolution of political campaigns, campaign strategies and political parties in the United States. The course examines how candidates interact with the electorate, as students explore (via a mock campaign for public office) some common effects of interest groups on political campaigns; the processes of image-making in public campaigns; widely-used methods of influencing public perception of candidates and campaigns; and other regular challenges and requirements that confront candidates and campaigns leading up to, and during a typical campaign for public office.

PLAP 5993

PLAP 5993: Problems in American Politics – Independent Study is an advanced-level undergraduate class available only via instructor permission and course registration through the UVA Student Information System (SIS).

This course offers independent study under faculty supervision, for students who are preparing for intensive research on a specific topic.