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The Center for Politics at the University of Virginia

Dismantling Democracy

Debuted at the 2019 Virginia Film Festival - Director: Allen Clements Featuring: Michael Abramowitz, Margaret Brennan, Rosa Clemente, Ian Bremmer, Jalane Schmidt, Stephen Levitsky, Ann Dowd, Larry Sabato, Ted Cruz, Tim Kaine

Dismantling Democracy examines new and old democratic structures of government in the United States and around the world. Featuring intimate interviews with key players offering powerful perspectives, the documentary depicts the gradual deterioration of the effectiveness of government for, of, and by the people. Economic imbalances, racial tension, xenophobia, and a global rise in populism exist at odds with the fundamental democratic principles of fairness, equality, and justice. Through a critical look at the history and current state of democracies, it becomes evident that preserving democracy is a feat no less significant than its establishment. So, are We the People up to this pressing task of preserving democracy? The film issues a call to act before the deterioration of democracy continues.

UVA Center for Politics