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YLI Staff

Meg Heubeck

YLI Director of Instruction

Meg Heubeck currently serves as the Director of Instruction at the University of Virginia Center for Politics. In this role Meg is responsible for providing educational materials for the Youth Leadership Initiative (YLI) and the Global Perspectives on Democracy (GPD) programs. This includes creating educational materials, managing simulations and leading instruction in leadership and civic engagement for teachers, youth and international visitors.

Meg received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in History from Randolph-Macon College, a Master of Arts degree in urban education from Towson University, and a Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Virginia. Ms. Heubeck taught both middle and high school students for twelve years prior to arriving at UVA.

Meg has travelled to Sri Lanka and Afghanistan on behalf of the GPD program to follow up and deliver civic engagement curriculum for the United States Department of State. In addition Meg has assisted in planning and implementing leadership programs for countries such as Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Peru. Currently Ms. Heubeck has been working with young professionals from Mongolia and the Middle East and North Africa helping them to develop civic action plans.

The Youth Leadership Initiative is the primary responsibility of Meg Heubeck. Meg administrates and manages the programs of YLI including the annual Mock Election, E-Congress and Democracy Corps. Over seventy-thousand teachers use the resources of the Youth Leadership Initiative. Meg constantly updates and revises materials in response to teacher requests and national standards for civics and government.