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Global Perspectives on Democracy

The Center for Politics at University of Virginia

U.S. Department of State Lecture Series in Rome, Professor Larry Sabato

Rome, Italy: November 17-20, 2009

With a parting address at the prestigious Societa per L’organizzazione Internationale, University of Virginia Center for Politics Director Larry Sabato concluded a U.S. Department of State-sponsored lecture series in Rome, Italy on November 20, 2009. During the mission, Sabato spoke at prominent academic institutions, appeared on numerous national TV, print, and online media, and met with U.S. Ambassador to Italy David Thorne and dozens of members of the Italian Senate and House of Deputies to deliver his trademark analysis of U.S. politics. The four-day visit shared the mission of the Center for Politics’ Global Perspectives on Democracy program by creating greater understanding of the U.S. political system and current political events among Italians.

Otto E Mezzo
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Sabato sat for interviews with major Italian news media, appearing on the front page of the major Italian daily newspaper Il Revista and the nation’s most popular nightly talk news show Otto e Mezzo, which is often compared to 60 Minutes. The Il Revista interview covered President Barack Obama’s first year in office, the 2009 elections, and the Republican Party’s prospects in the 2010 midterm elections. Otto e Mezzo featured Sabato along with Italian journalists in a fast-paced discussion, simultaneously translated between Italian and English, of political scandal in the U.S. and Italy.

While in Italy, Sabato also gave a series of lectures to students, elected officials, and journalists. He delivered a keynote speech at the American Studies Center in Rome on “Obama and the U.S. One Year after the Elections.” In addition, he addressed a forum hosted by the independent political magazine Formiche, and participated in a seminar at the Italian Society for International Organization, which trains post-graduate students who wish to embark on diplomatic careers.